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(Malaysian Steamed Bun with Traditional Fillings)

PAU is a traditional Chinese dim sum that is often eaten during breakfast with Chinese tea. It is made of fermented dough in a round shape of 75mm in diameter, and comes in with a variety of fillings, the savoury and the sweet.

The main property of a good Pau lies in its' bouncy dough texture and snow-white colour after steamed. The dough texture is fine with soft and fluffy bite into delicious meat and sweet fillings. The whiteness of the dough is associated to form the first impression of a good Pau.

Pau BBQ Chicken
Pau Chicken Curry
Pau Beef Curry
Pau Coconut
Pau Coconut Egg Jam
Pau Red Bean
Pau Lotus Jam
Variants Sweet - Read Bean, Coconut Egg Jam (Kaya), Lotus and Coconut
Savoury - Chicken Curry, Beef Curry, and BBQ Chicken
Pack Size 6 x 60g
Packet / Carton 16
Dimension (mm) 495 x 335 x 200, 495 x 335 x 182 - Pau Coconut Egg Jam (Kaya)
Packaging Type Retail pack – microwaveable tray
Gross Weight Per Ctn 7.350 kg
Storage Keep frozen at -18°C

Preparation Method

a. STEAM (Best Result)
a. Preheat steamer and directly steam for 10 minutes.
Cut the 4 edges of the packaging and microwave at level high for 4-5minutes.

Remove paper backing, heat oil and deep fry until golden brown on both side.

* For better result, steam for 10 minutes before deep fry.
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