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ROTI CANAI is an Indian-influenced flatbread made of dough with egg. The special texture and good property of Roti Canai is a result of skillful flipped dough.

This product is pan-fry with oil or margarine to give an additional aroma to its taste. Roti Canai is often eaten with curry sauce either Dhall Curry or any type of curry chicken, fish or even sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam, etc., according to individual preference. It is usually eaten for breakfast and can also be served for dinner or supper. Kart's Roti Canai preserve the traditional of flipped skills to offer the original texture.

Roti Canai Original

Variants Roti Canai - Original Taste
Pack Size 10 x 58g
Packet / Carton 16
Dimension (mm) 366 x 280 x 240
Packaging Type Retail packed – vacuum packed in metalised bag
Gross Weight Per Ctn 9.880 kg
Storage Keep frozen at -18°C

Roti Canai with Dhall Curry

Variants Original taste with a packet of Dhall Curry included
Pack Size 5 x 75g Roti Canai + 100g Dhall Curry
Packet / Carton 16
Dimension (mm) 366 x 280 x 190
Packaging Type Retail packed – vacuum packed in metallised bag
Gross Weight Per Ctn 8.260 kg
Storage Keep frozen at -18°C

Preparation Method

1. Thaw for about 30-45 minutes in room temperature or 5-10 minutes in microwave oven.
2. Heat lightly pan with some traces of cooking oil/margarine.
3. Pan fry Roti Canai until golden brown on both sides.
4. For a fluffy & crispy bite, after frying give a soft clap from outside towards the center of Roti Canai.
5. Serve hot with curry, sugar or any jam spread.

1. Add 120 ml water to Dhall Curry.
2. Heat until boil

1. Pour the Dhall Curry into the microwaveable container to defrost for 4-5 minutes in the microwave.
2. After defrost, add 120 ml water and stir until dilute
3. Microwave at level medium high for 50-60 seconds.
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